In Season album cover by Alxndr Jones
In Season | Chris Tripolino © 2016 Jive Mill Records

In Season is a collection of songs inspired by the Psalms filtered through a personal lens – intended to be thoughtful and spiritually determined. I didn’t grow up playing americana music. Bluegrass was foreign to me growing up and country was a dirty word, in spite of (maybe especially) growing up in Iowa.  So picture a kid a couple years out of college with one album under his belt and a bunch of songs that started with an infatuation with the Psalms at Bible camp and found voice in trying to breathe new life into the creative expression of a church that I loved- the church I grew up in and to which I returned to work for about a decade. Funnel that through a sort of americana/ bluegrass/ country stylistic experiment and you’ve got a good picture of In Season.

I’d love to hear your comments about the record below! What do you love? What is a turn off? Thanks for your support and conversation!

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One thought on “In Season

  1. So many hours of recording, listening, re-recording, (and listening again) helped bring these songs into reality… which is one of the reasons I’m so thrilled that this album is finally here! From the haunting depth of songs like ‘Savior God’ to the joy of ‘Preesh Reel,’ each moment of this album brings a piece of our stories to the surface. It was a great experience working alongside Chris and the rest of the musicians to create something that we’re really excited to share, and I can’t wait for you to listen!

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