Honesty is inspiring

Letting out your true self can be a challenge, for sure. I've been working at growing in honesty, artistry, and vulnerability as an artist for the last 2 decades. Hopefully you can hear that in the art that I create and in recent years, I've been coaching artists in expressing who they are and what they see too.


Hopefully you're here because you want to connect more about music. I love all of the things that surround artistry, but the connections that we make and the ahas we get to share are my favorite. Thanks for being a part of this!


In my opinion, artistry and teaching go hand-in-hand. Maybe it's because I believe so strongly that everyone needs a mentor and to find ways to be a mentor. I teach and coach individually and in classes for specific instruments, songwriting, and leadership (privately & for orgs like Urban Ventures Music Academy & the Bilingual Learning Center in Minneapolis).


Hopefully you'll see depth and a wide variety of intersections in my art, but this isn't just about me and my art. I'm working to build and support communities doing work that's important to me. Honest creativity, cherishing the natural world, dismantling white supremacy, and reimagining what "church" or spiritual community could be.

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