Leading others toward compelling expressions of who they are is endlessly interesting and important to me these days.

I have taught private music lessons and classes for the last 18 years.  I’ve mentored and coached youth and young adults. I’ve worked with artists, small businesses, and nonprofits to develop and manage brands and in this season I’ve decided to do what I love most; helping artists of every medium to honestly, artfully, and strategically express themselves.

I think people are too unique to not offer individualized coaching specifically tailored to each individual. I have picked up a lot of insights and tricks of the trade in several different realms, but it’s not about me downloading information to my clients. I see amazing power and possibility in each of them and work to draw it out.

In addition to my private coaching, I also currently teach for Urban Ventures’ Music Academy in the heart of Minneapolis. Over the years, I’ve compiled learning resources for students, so if you’re looking. for those, click here. I love talking about all of this stuff and helping teachers/ coaches in their craft too! Please email learn@christripolino.com