Artistry & Expression

I'm about making artistry accessible and helping others to find cultivate and vehicles authentic expression. I think that's something that's best done with others; learning and growing together.


Hopefully you're here because you want to connect more about music. I love all of the things that surround artistry, but the connections that we make and the ahas we get to share are my favorite. Thanks for being a part of this!


In my opinion, artistry and teaching go hand-in-hand. Maybe it's because I believe so strongly that everyone needs a mentor and to find ways to be a mentor. I teach and coach individually and in classes for specific instruments, songwriting, and leadership (privately & for orgs like Urban Ventures Music Academy & the Bilingual Learning Center in Minneapolis).


Amidst the ravenous American machine, I go for the most environmentally responsible practices I can. I commute by bike, am an upcycle/ recycle/ compost/ minimalist/ smart purchasing (less, good, fair, local, organic) proponent. Whether it's in merch, album production, or events, I'm happy for your comments; see ways I can shift toward better practices? I'm all ears.

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