It’s really important to me to share what I’ve learned, to help others to grow in skill and authentic expression, so I spend a lot of my time and thought in the pedagogical realm.  I am available for speaking and coaching related to songwriting, song leading, mentoring, and church music.  I offer private lessons in voice, guitar, bass, saxophone, accordion, and songwriting as well as piano (for beginners only) and 6 week sessions on playing drums or keys in a band. I also currently teach for Urban Ventures’ Music Academy in the heart of Minneapolis (free classes & lessons for kids!), and the Bilingual Learning Center in South Minneapolis. I also volunteer to teach music appreciation courses and summer camp offerings at schools and camps.  It’s worth it to invest in the learning of others and seeing your success through the lens of the generations that follow you.

If you’re looking for some of my learning resources, click here. I’m happy to chat more about this stuff! Please email

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